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What's involved in being a Reader

If you become a Reader you will:


  • Pickup, or receive, the TTN laptop just prior to your scheduled recordings

  • Normally you will do recordings on 2 consecutive weeks

  • Buy your copy of the Wiltshire News (available late Thursday, or Friday)

  • Select the articles you want to include in your recording

  • Make your recordings  so that you have approx. 1hour of recording

  • Note that 1hour of recording may take you 2-3 hours of dictating into the microphone

  • Make the Master USB from your recordings

  • Deliver the USB to the Duplicator (specified on the TTN Schedule Rota)

  • Hold onto the TTN laptop until the next week, and make your  second recording

  • Deliver your second USB recording the the Duplicator

  • Deliver, or arrange to have picked up, the TTN laptop to the next reader


Once you have completed your recording and delivered the USB to the Duplicator, you will have a great feeling of intense satisfaction that you have helped many visually impaired citizens to enjoy hearing the local news, which they would have not exprienced if it was not for TTN. Well done!

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